want to be a writer

So You Want to Be a Writer . . .

What to do if you want to be a writer

Whether for business or pleasure, writing is an outlet used by many for centuries. It isn’t just about putting words together to form coherent thoughts; this important life skill enables professional and personal growth.

Most professions consider great writing skills an asset. It c . . .


Being Open to Possibilities

Open yourself to life’s endless possibilities and you’ll be amazed by the results

Life is full of possibilities. No matter who you are or what your social status is, possibilities are there. It’s just a matter of being open to them. Consequently, being open to these possibilities is important to your quality of life b . . .

U Is for Umbrella: An Essential in Life

We need an umbrella of faith to shelter us from life’s difficulties

No matter what the weather is, an umbrella is always important. It can protect someone from the sun’s blistering heat, and it can also shelter them from the pouring rain. Yet umbrellas in life go beyond the physical ones. There are also those that protect people from life’s other har . . .

Benefits of Sex to a Person’s Health and Well-Being

Benefits of having sex you probably didn't know about

Purpose-wise, sex functions as the main form of reproduction. Meanwhile, others look at sex as the best way to have pleasure. Aside from these, there are many benefits of sex that make it even more appealing.

Benefits of having sex majorly impact a person’s health. An article from Healthline

effects of meditation

The Effects of Meditation on Our Health

Positive effects of meditation on health



Do you practice meditation or know someone who does? The common purpose why we meditate is to rest the mind. Other people incorporate it into exercise. But the actual effects of meditation and its link to a person’s health are now studied extensively.

It turns out that meditation goes beyond . . .

Margaret Mears

Margaret Mears

After her professors in medical school commented that the majority of patient’s problems were not physical, she became . . .

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