Benefits of Sex to a Person’s Health and Well-Being

Purpose-wise, sex functions as the main form of reproduction. Meanwhile, others look at sex as the best way to have pleasure. Aside from these, there are many benefits of sex that make it even more appealing.

Benefits of having sex majorly impact a person’s health. An article from Healthline lists the advantages that the body can reap from sex. Among the things that make it to th . . .

effects of meditation

The Effects of Meditation on Our Health

Positive effects of meditation on health



Do you practice meditation or know someone who does? The common purpose why we meditate is to rest the mind. Other people incorporate it into exercise. But the actual effects of meditation and its link to a person’s health are now studied extensively.

It turns out that meditation goes beyond . . .

laughter and health

The Connection between Laughter and Health

Studies on laughter and health reveal that humor is essential to our lives



You’ve probably heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” multiple times. It could be from someone cheering you up or anyone trying to shake off sadness. While the phrase is meant to be taken figuratively, it appears laughter and health indeed have a . . .


How Can a Sense of Awe Make Your Life Better?

Use your sense of awe to gain knowledge and improve yourself



The beauty of human emotion lies in its complexity. However, like many things, not all feelings are equal. There are those that are more straightforward, while others border on the almost scientifically unexplainable. Awe is part of the latter. Some refer to it as the eleventh . . .


The Benefits of Forgiveness

You need to maximize these health benefits of forgiveness

Forgiveness is an amazing act. It shows the strength of an individual in letting go of the pain from whatever—or whoever—hurt them. Aside from this, there are other benefits of forgiveness that make this even greater. If you choose forgiveness over keeping grudges, then physical, mental, and eve . . .

Margaret Mears

Margaret Mears

After her professors in medical school commented that the majority of patient’s problems were not physical, she became . . .

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