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ABC’s of Lighthearted Living . . . My Prescription

From holistic health advocate and internal medicine specialist Dr. Margaret Mears, ABC’s of Lighthearted Living . . . My Prescription will treat you with twenty-six proven happiness principles arranged from A to Z. These principles will give you joy, inspiration, and confidence to live lightheartedly and overcome the challenges you are facing.

Filled with stories from Dr. Maggie’s over thirty years of medical practice, the book will show you the resilience of the human spirit and teach you how to find the bright side in every situation.

Delighting, empowering, and genuinely hopeful, ABC’s of Lighthearted Living . . . My Prescription will show you that happiness and health go hand in hand.

“I wrote this book in hopes that each reader can gain happiness for themselves, and in doing so, create greater health as well as develop habits that are rewarding, lifelong. I learned much from listening to my patients with their amazing attitudes, behaviors, and courage. They conquered afflictions that wanted to settle into their bodies. I want to pass that knowledge on, in hopes of bringing joy, purpose, and excellent health to you, the reader.”—Dr. Margaret Mears

About the Author

After her professors in medical school commented that the majority of patient’s problems were not physical, she became interested in the holistic health of patients—their spiritual, emotional, and mental states as well. To explore this holistic health avenue, Dr. Margaret Mears began studying traditional Chinese medicine and massage early in her career.

Dr. Maggie trained for her MD at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital and graduated in the top 12 percent of her class. Medicine and health has been her passion for many years. She traveled extensively as well, interned in Honolulu, Hawaii, and spent over twelve years there.

She has been a survivor of cancer of the ovary for over thirty years. Dr. Maggie is very healthy today and has much compassion and wisdom for those with cancer.

Dr. Maggie established a successful creative writing group in Phoenix, called Write From Your Heart™, which uses writing as a therapeutic exercise to improve health problems on different levels. She is an advocate of using humor for healing and believes in the power of touch for therapy.

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ABC’s of Lighthearted Living . . . My Prescription

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